An Insight into the Strong and Humble DAN SULTAN

Yeah it’s been a while. I’m guilty of neglect. I keep telling myself I can stay on top of it but to be honest I absolutely hate being glued to a screen. Maybe I was born to be a travelling fruit picker or something. The thought of wasting my life away in an office typing away on a computer actually makes me gag. But what other options do I have? I think I have my mind set on something but it always end up being the exact thing I loath. Is it just how my generation thinks? I don’t know but I guess for now I’m stuck staring at that screen, fucking up my eyesight whilst writing about gigs I went to whilst losing my hearing.

Anyway, here’s a feature I started when I first came to London. I chose not to finish it until recently. Mostly because I had pitched it to a bunch of Australian publications and gained nothing but a ‘sorry I couldn’t give a shit’ response. I mean Sultan is the biggest indigenous representative in the arts for Australia at the moment and the Koori Mail wouldn’t even take it. What is wrong with this world…or maybe I’m just a piece of shit writer.

Either way, check out my feature on Dan Sultan. He truly is a wonderful human being and I feel privileged to have met him.

Screen shot 2015-04-02 at 11.44.25 PM

Check out the article in full at Axiom Magazine.


New Music Monday

So many new goodies have crossed my path today I just had to share them!

Firstly Grimes has released an unheard track along with a video that was meant to appear on the ‘lost album’ she tragically decided not to go ahead with. I’m so happy she had the confidence to share ‘REALiTi’ with us. The video was directed by Grimes herself and features content from her tour through Asia. I also couldn’t agree more with Spencer Kornhaber from The Atlantic as he states “Claire Boucher’s making like the dog ate her homework, or at least like she doesn’t know she’s a genius.” I really dig ‘REALiTI’ and it’s such a shame that Grimes was made to feel she couldn’t continue in the direction she was taking after the release of ‘GO’.

(N.B The comments function has been disabled on this video…) Yeah I would too if was Grimes.

Next up is ‘Never Let You Down’, a collaboration between Woodkid and Lykke Li for the new ‘Insurgent OST’ film. It seems the soundtrack is shaping up well with M83 and Haim also working together on feature track ‘Holes In The Sky’, released last week.

I can’t go without mentioning one of my fave babes St. Vincent. ‘Teenage Girl’ premiered on HBO’s ‘Girls’, how fitting. Check it on The Line Of Best Fit or on Fuck Yeah St. Vincent (quirky fan blog).

Last but not least PØG, a Parisian producer I’ve only just discovered has remixed Lil Silva’s track ‘Right For You’ Feat. Banks. As soon as I saw BANKS I knew I was going to be sucked right in. I never knew she had collaborated with Lil Silva so that was also a great Monday suprise. Coming across PØG’s Soundcloud on the other hand really set my Monday mood a blaze. Check it out for polished remixes of Lorde’s ‘Team’, Sohn’s ‘Veto’ and some sick indie-pop tunes from his side project Shawondasee.

Oh and look out for Hermitude’s new video for ‘Through The Roof’ tomorrow!


Sebastian Paiza Interview & Mix for Guerilla Agency

I recently had the pleasure of putting together an interview with DJ and producer Sebastian Paiza for Guerilla Agency! He’s really stirring things up in Prague at the moment when it comes to the underground scene. Check out the full interview here. Such a genuine guy, making music for all the right reasons! He also put together a killer mix especially for Guerilla! Listen below 🙂

Screen shot 2015-02-27 at 8.18.53 PM

Read the full interview HERE