Sebastian Paiza Interview & Mix for Guerilla Agency

I recently had the pleasure of putting together an interview with DJ and producer Sebastian Paiza for Guerilla Agency! He’s really stirring things up in Prague at the moment when it comes to the underground scene. Check out the full interview here. Such a genuine guy, making music for all the right reasons! He also put together a killer mix especially for Guerilla! Listen below :)

Screen shot 2015-02-27 at 8.18.53 PM

Read the full interview HERE


New Video Vaults – ‘Poison’

UK three-piece Vaults have just released a brand new video for the second song off their ‘Vultures’ EP, ‘Poison. Vaults have been creeping up slowly on everyone’s radar for some time now. You may know them from the success of their first single ‘Cry No More’ and their ‘mysterious’ persona as some would say. But after supporting Paolo Nutini earlier this year and boasting a hit single ‘One Last Night’ featured in the raunchy new Fifty Shades Of Grey film I think it’s safe to say Vaults have their eyes on the prize for 2015.

The lead singer Blythe Pepino’s vocals hint similar tones to that of Hayley Mary from The Jezabels and yet as a whole Vaults could be a slower/darker variant of Little Dragon. The trio are also known for remixing artists such as Ellie Goulding, Odessa and they released a killer cover of Alt-J’s Hunger Of The Pine! It’s one of my favourites and you just HAVE to check it out here.

Getting to the video now, it’s quite minimalistic as is the song itself. The opening scenes feature Blythe in what seems like a bath full of white liquid, which then becomes muddied with black ‘poison’ like drops. The video flashes between the bath scene and Blythe with a very serious (and attractive) man in tall grass with rain and notes of grey. The poison has surely set in by the end of the video with the couple being covered in black sludge as they embrace, joining the pair together. Quite an ominous feeling is created throughout the video which is then cemented with a single tear from Blythe’s eye in the closing scenes.

Give it watch below.



UK indie-pop-rock band PEACE played amidst Rough Trade’s extensive music collection last week for the release of their second album ‘Happy People’. On a whim I attended not having heard much PEACE before.

You know when you attend a gig not really knowing the band all that well and you just can’t grasp the feel but you try to sing along with the songs anyway? This was not one of those times…although I will admit to the latter. I really enjoyed the set! They sure know how to write a catchy song and the style was right up my ally. Psychedelic riffs, Group Love-ish vocals and intricate webs of melodies and polyrhythms. Yep I’m a fan.

Anyway like a true fan I waited in line to get my newly purchased CD cover signed (bought in order to actually get into the gig, good thing I liked them!). Give it a listen below.