Real Love

Tom Odell I have so much love for you. Closest thing to Jeff Buckley in a while. If you like penguins check out the latest John Lewis advert. If the below video doesn’t melt your heart then a few cuddly penguins longing for love will.

Real Love – Tom Odell


Rock in Roma – Arcade Fire

Part way through my travels around Europe I found myself feeling a bit disappointed that I hadn’t seen as much live music as I had hoped. At this point I was in Rome, one of the oldest cities in the world and all I could think was “where can I find some quality live music!?”

Whilst wandering around doing all the touristy things with people I’d known not even a day we came across a small crowd standing outside of a hotel. I asked a by stander what the deal was. Unbeknown to me the Rolling Stones were in town and rumoured to be arriving at said hotel. Now being a solo traveller I had the freedom to whatever I wanted and I damn well wanted to wait and see if these rumours were true. Instead I followed the group of people I barely knew through the ruins of Rome leaving behind the possibility of seeing the Stones.

At this point I was feeling pretty shit. I mean don’t get me wrong Rome is an incredible city but getting the chance to see the Stones so close up was something I was fairly shattered about passing up. Yet none of the people I was with blinked an eye. If circumstances were different I may have stayed behind by myself but at that point I had no idea how I came to be where I was and unfortunately relied on someone else to get me back to the hostel. Never again.

Later that day I found out The Stones were actually performing THAT DAY for Rock in Roma and I had absolutely no clue and no way of stepping foot anywhere near the show :( sad sad day.

BUT never fear. Arcade Fire were due to play the following day for the Rock in Roma festival and luckily there were still tickets available. Hell yeahhhh! Of course I couldn’t get a single person to come with me so I went by myself. I navigated my way to the other side of a city I hardly knew all by myself. It took me two buses and train to get there but that feeling of independence had never felt so strong.

When Arcade Fire started playing ‘Normal Person’ (one of my faves from Reflektor) I felt far from normal. I felt alive. The crowd was smallish and I mean that in both senses. Definitely more tame than I’m used to but everyone was singing along to the songs like it was their first language. It’s an event in my life that I’ll never forget and my love for Arcade Fire will forever be tied with the city I barely understood but will always cherish.

Below are a few snap shots of the night. Oh and I did make it back to my bed safely. But only with the help of two lovely Italian boys, a hellish night bus full of well mannered ‘paki’s’ and a chatty cab driver.






A short and muffled glimpse of ‘Normal Person’.

Suppertime Frolics is Undertaking Refurbishment…On the Other Hand Listen to Lovely Laurel


It’s been a shockingly long time since the last post. I had hopes of creating a travelling music diary during my journey throughout Europe but to be honest it was just too damn difficult.

  1. Internet was not always so easy to come by 2. I was way too busy having fun and 3. Some European cities just aren’t the best for live music.

However I did catch some great shows that I will share with you at a later date but for now Suppertime Frolics is going through some changes and therefore I will not be posting for a little while yet. I promise you it will not take me 6 months…maybe just one…and a half…plus two days.

Until then keep searching for new tunes. They’re coming out of my ears at the moment! Give Laurel a listen, she’s an absolute babe and I can’t wait to see her grow into the next (but wayyyy more talented) Lana Del Rey.


Me Me Me

Just a little me post. Firstly, I’m moving to London in 2 weeks!!!!! Ahhh it’s come along so fast and all of the things I hope to achieve have never felt so reachable. I’ve never been confident in anything I do but all of the love and support I’ve had over the past year has really helped me grow as a person. Today I received my copy of Axiom. Instant high. I have three more gigs to attend before I leave, The Jezabels, The Presets and ARCTIC MONKEYS! It’s going to be a crazy couple of weeks and I am so happy with where my life has and will take me. Here’s a picture of my overly happy mug with my You Am I article :) :)





Lizard Queen

This week saw me attend two very different but equally as fun gigs.

I’d been looking forward to seeing Elizabeth Rose for a while and when I finally saw her tiny little frame flaunting her signature midriff and baggy pant combo on stage I instantly saw that any hype surrounding her is most definitely deserved. Everyone was sucked into her bubble of electronic sounds and fun vocal melodies, as Rose triggered various harmonies and effects. She dons the cutest most sensual dance moves, based mostly around tapping her feet and swaying her hips to the beat. Such a babe. At times she looked a little scared and I was left searching for a bit of crowed interaction, but it’s nothing to moan about.

Oxford Art 5/4/14


King Gizzard And The Wizard Lizard are a band I’m not overly familiar with but think 80’s surf trip and you’ve got King Gizzard. It turned out to be a fun gig and I’m sure most people there were fairly blazed, me being one them. A set full of long jams proved to work for them as the packed venue appreciated. Check them out if you’re into that type of thing.

Small Ballroom 9/4/14




Mountain Sounds

Last weekend I attended the newest little music festival, Mountain Sounds. Below you will find my review, which is vague to say the least. My recollection of the day is somewhat blurred but one thing I do know is that I had a fucking wicked day. I should probably try to be a bit more professional but where’s the fun in that right?

The Line-up displayed plenty of talented local bands including The Young Lions, Theives, Tropical Zombie, Sealegs, Elliot The Bull and The Lazy’s to name a few. Main headliners to grace the MS stage were Emma Louise, Snakadaktal, Jinja Safari, Ball Park Music and Sticky Fingers.

Mountain Sounds Review